Friday, 10 July 2015

Sunday: Enter Shikari - Enter Shikari

     How's that electronic-y aftertaste from Numbers treating your earballs? Let's keep that kind of flavour lingering on your tongue a little bit longer, shall we, with a cut from my favourite record by British techno-metalcore band Enter Shikari.

     The guys in Enter Shikari have come a long ways and several albums since 2007's Take to the Skies, but Enter Shikari's debut LP is still the one I revisit the most. It's at that perfect nostalgic intersection between the right collection of music and the right time in one's life to discover said collection of music. My interest in these guys has dropped off significantly since, but like I said, Take to the Skies gets more frequent replays than anything else in their catalogue.

     Which is why this synthy Sunday song is the eponymous first full track from Take to the Skies, the super-catchy, super high energy "Enter Shikari". Glow sticks aren't necessary, just get in your car, rolls the windows down, and crank this one (and then the rest of the album) for instant party.

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