Monday, 6 July 2015

Monday: Radiohead - All I Need

     So, a week behind and looking to catch up once and for all as soon as possible? Better get to it, shall we, starting with a way-late Monday song from Loud Noises Mellow Monday favourites Radiohead.

     Checking my records, I see I've yet to feature one of my favourite moody pieces from 2007's personal-sleeper-hit In Rainbows, so my choice of Mellow Monday song today is pretty easy peasy. "All I Need" starts out somewhat sparsely, with a little bit of ambient background, a laid-back beat, and a bass line. But by the end, things are lush and densely beautiful, with piano, horns, strings, xylophone, and Thom's croon over top of everything. If your head wasn't nodding along at some point during the four minutes or so of "All I Need", make a chiropractic appointment because there could be something wrong with your neck.

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