Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Monday: Trivium - Forsake Not the Dream

     What's this? A Monday post almost on a Monday? You know it. A "Metal" Monday post even. But why the quotation marks, you ask? I'll tell you, I said.

     I used to be a pretty decent Trivium fan. Ascendancy in particular came out at the perfect time, just when I was getting into heavier and heavier stuff. That album and Shogun are definitely my favourites, and I'll still revisit them periodically. But everything since Shogun has been a little hit or miss, even if you're still into Trivium, which I know a lot of tr00 metalheads aren't.

     I would, however, point out that even that hit-or-miss newer material does occasionally hit, providing songs that, for whatever reason, hook me in just the right way. Your "Metal" Monday song, "Forsake Not the Dream" from 2011's In Waves, is just such a track. I don't know why its radio-friendly, melody-heavy riffs and chord progressions tickle me the way they do, but it's a very Goldilocks-just-right mix of elements. Have a listen, and then commence your scoffing, O tr00est of metalheads.

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