Thursday, 30 July 2015

Tuesday: Agent Fresco - Wait For Me

     Do you want to feel some feels and get your funky groove on? Lucky for you there's Iceland's Agent Fresco, because they've got the chops to get the job done in four minutes or less. Ready? Let's go!

     "Wait For Me" is the latest single from Agent Fresco's impending new record Destrier, due out next week, and once again I'm enjoying it despite its being about as far from metal as it possibly could be. But something about "Wait For Me"'s combination of sparse instrumentation and production in the verses meets big electro-funk choruses tickles me in the the weird place that Agent Fresco seems to have this knack for finding.

     Then you throw in the powerful vocal performance, the accompanying video, and the story behind said video (it's at the top of the comments, I won't get into it here) and you've got a recipe for those feels I was talking about. You'll want to play this one a couple of times, but there's just a little bit of melancholy in each play. Powerful stuff from Agent Fresco and Destrier.

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