Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Thursday: Econoline Crush - You Don't Know What It's Like

     Time to kill as many pigs as I can with as few pigs as possible (2015 people, you'll get that one in a few years, when tradition idioms are finally updated for the modern age). To wit: this one's a Throwback Thursday number, an additional piece of Canadiana, and a prelude to an upcoming local show I'm going to try and catch. How's that for multitasking?

     If you're a Canadian music fan of around my age, chances are pretty good that you're familiar with Vancouver alt-rockers Econoline Crush. Chances are also fair to pretty good that you're also familiar with some of the fan favourites from their catalogue, songs like "All That You Are", "Sparkle & Shine", and your belated Throwback Thursday song for last week.

     If I had to pick one and only one Econoline Crush song to put on some kind of giant mixtape, it'd definitely have to "You Don't Know What It's Like". It's not really an especially heavy track by metal standards, but it's got plenty of rocking energy to its choruses, and plenty of singability to boot. Grab some Canadian circa-thirtysomethings, get some drinks in them, put this one on and watch the bunch of them rediscover the fact that they know all the words.

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