Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Thursday: The Contortionist - Oscillator

     See? This is the kind of pace that needs to happen to get this ship back on track (mixed metaphor = on purpose, lit wonks). Let's keep it going with a little Throwback Thursday action, albeit a shortish kind of throw.

     The Contortionist has undergone quite a transition over the course of three albums, but many fans still stand by 2010's debut Exoplanet as the band's high point. I don't know that I'm one of those (sophomore disc Intrinsic is probably still my favourite from the band's catalogue) but I definitely can appreciate The Contortionist's heavier roots.

     To that end, let's throw it back five years for "Oscillator" from Exoplanet, a meaty mid-album number that perfectly sums up what The Contortionist were up to way back when. It's only a half-decade throwback, but it still counts, right?

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