Monday, 20 July 2015

Saturday: The Safety Fire - Glass Crush

     Next up is a Saturday post, except that this week I'm going with a bit of a "Sadder Day" theme. Why so glum, chum? Because we're mourning the loss/celebrating the career of Australia's The Safety Fire, who, in an April Fool's joke that wasn't, actually broke up a few months ago...apparently.

     The guys took to Facebook last week to confirm what many probably thought was a fully legit joke. As usual, who knows exactly what factors into the demise of a band? All I can say is I'll actually miss this particular outfit, as their melodic, often-groovy prog-djent tickles my fancy. But rather than be too down, let's do this thing Irish wake-style and remember the good times.

     To that end, your Sadder Day song is "Glass Crush" from The Safety Fire's 2013 sophomore disc Mouth of Swords. Pour yourself a drink (sensing a theme around here lately?), fire this bad boy up, and then try to not crush your glass... See what I did there? Yeah you do.

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