Thursday, 16 July 2015

Monday: Revocation - Scorched Earth Policy

     You know how I like a Metal Monday post, which is one of the many reasons why I give thanks to Zeus for bands that can be depended upon to put out consistently kick-ass material that I can readily go to when I want something straight up heavy to share with all of you.

     Revocation is most definitely one of those bands, mixing melodic deathcore with modern thrash and throwing in all kinds of other elements for good measure. When I'm looking to metal up a Monday (or any other day, really) I know Revocation will deliver no matter what I put on. But such an embarrassment of riches sometimes leaves me a little too spoiled for choice, leading me to let the universe show me the correct path.

     And once again, the universe provides, in the form of a new lyric video from straight out of Camp Revocation. "Scorched Earth Policy" is one of my favourite tracks from last year's Deathless, and it's easy to see why: razor-sharp riffing and machine-precise drumming that both turn on a dime are two things that are always up my alley. If they're up yours too, happy belated Metal Monday.

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