Monday, 20 July 2015

Friday: Black Fast - I Conspire

     So close, and yet so far... I can almost taste the on-timedness of these last couple of Songs of the Day, so let's charge down the home stretch, shall we? And let's start with something badass to have kicked your weekend off with (I know that sounds wrong, but trust me, it's grammatically sound...)

     Step 1: Open beer.
     Step 2: Turn up stereo/ipod/laptop/cellphone volume.
     Step 3: Volume's not right; give it a little more.
     Step 4: Now jam "I Conspire" from the upcoming Terms of Surrender by Black Fast out of St. Louis, a riffy, ever-so-slightly proggy-and-deathy neothrash outfit that certainly lives up to its name -- they're definitely fast, and at least a little blackened. If you need an endorsement other than mine, consider this: Black Fast are touring with Revocation in the fall. Convinced now? Just play the track already!

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