Friday, 10 April 2015

Wednesday: Arcturus - The Arcturian Sign

     I don't think the Wednesday song I've got picked out for you is quite weird enough to justify calling it a full-on Weird Wednesday, but it's also a pretty decent ways removed from what I've been pointing you towards over the last little bit. So call it a weirdish Wednesday if you like.

     Your weirdish Wednesday band is Norwegian outfit Arcturus, back from a lengthy slumber with a new disc Arcturian due out in May. Your weirdish Wednesday song is the somewhat unsurprisingly named "The Arcturian Sign", a black metal monolith layered with synths and strings that immediately brings to mind words like "grandiose" and "majestic".

     To be perfectly honest, stuff like that (ie: grandiose and majestic symphonic-glazed black metal) isn't usually my cup of tea. But Arcturus have me rethinking that stance, at least when it comes to stuff that inhabits this weirdish little corner of the black metal world. Let them change your mind too.

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