Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tuesday: Misery Signals - The Shallows

     OK, we took a break for a long-overdue Metallica Monday, but let's go back to the 'core well for one more metalcore-y song before we move on to other matters. This one's from the latest album by one of my favourites bands, and calling it just metalcore is selling it oh so short. Isn't it about time to head back to the studio by now boys?

     Your Tuesday metalcore track is "The Shallows", from 2013's Absent Light, a study in angular grooves and ever-evolving energy. Absent Light may not have hooked me as deep as the band's earlier work right when it came out, but it grows on me with every listen. Give "The Shallows" a shot and let it grow on you too.

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