Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Saturday: Dance Gavin Dance - Stroke God, Millionaire

     How was your long weekend? Was it as unproductive as mine was? Now that you've emerged from your ham-and-or-turkey-induced food coma, come join me for yet another lengthy game of catch-up.

     First, a Saturday song. On Friday, I had you check out the first track to be released from Between the Buried and Me's upcoming rock opera Coma Ecliptic. Your Saturday song isn't anywhere near the epic length of "Memory Palace", but it does continue the theme of new and upcoming deliciousness.

     This time it's the second track to be released from the upcoming Dance Gavin Dance record Instant Gratification. "Stroke God, Millionaire" demonstrates DGD's continued ability to craft tasty little packages of pop-flavoured post-hardcore with just the right amount of tech (or tech-sounding) flair. If the rest of this record were to turn out at catchy and snappy as this one, I'd be a happy camper. And the icing on the cake? This ain't no lyric video son, it's full on animated mayhem. Peep it up yo.

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