Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Monday: Metallica - Blackened

     As you may have noticed, it's Monday again, and that means we need to rock out a Monday song before the clock runs out on this often-shittiest day of the week. It's been a while since I've done a Metallica Monday, so I think it's probably about time I rectified that.

     Now, I know (and have no doubt said before) that it's kinda cool nowadays to rag on Metallica, and sure, they have earned their share of derision and ridicule for a number of very valid reasons. But all that poking of fun can distract us from all the great material the guys actually have put out over the years. Like your Monday song, for example, or the album from which it hails.

     Say what you will about Lars and the mix, ...And Justice For All is still one of Metallica's best records, and it opens, as it should, with a bang. "Blackened" might sound a little thin, mix-wise, but the song that fades in with that opening volume swell is still undeniably big and badass-sounding. Go retro with this one.

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