Thursday, 30 April 2015

Mare Infinitum - The Nightmare Corpse-City of R'lyeh

     I think you've had enough of break from all things epic over the past week or two, so let's return once more to the land of songs longer than ten minutes long for today's piece of metal madness.

     Russian outfit Mare Infinitum does a pretty good job of defying description and classification, so I won't waste a lot of time trying for a pithy summation. There're a lot of different elements in the mix on the band's second album Alien Monolith God, and they all add up to something that I'll only call "epic" or "grandiose" with any hope of being correct.

     Your song this evening is "The Nightmare Corpse-City of R'lyeh", the opening track from Alien Monolith God and a tall slab of Lovecraftian insanity to boot. Black, doom, prog, straigh-up heavy -- no matter what your flavour of metal, you'll find at least a taste here, all blended into a tasty metal smoothy. Got ten minutes or so? Drink deep from this one.

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