Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mara - Murugan

     I've got something good and heavy on tap for today, so if it's cool with you we're going to head back in the direction that started this whole Loud Noises thing in the first place: metal. Sound good? I thought you'd be OK with it.

     Baton Rouge's Mara don't necessarily have an extensive catalogue, but they do pack a lot into what they do have. Take their latest single "Murugan" as an example. Sure, it's only one song and not an EP or LP, but it's also nearly eight minutes of proggy goodness with a decidedly Between the Buried and Me feel -- I think it's all the synths and keys.

     That's not necessarily a bad thing though, if you can pull it off, and Mara do a pretty good job of it. Now it only remains to be seen what's next from these guys, and whether or not they can drop and LP of this stuff on us.

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