Saturday, 25 April 2015

Friday: Alice in Chains - Junkhead

     Your belated Friday song is also my alternate choice for a Throwback Thursday song this week, and considering its age, compared to the Machine Head song I did go with, perhaps I should have gone with this one after all.

     I think few would argue the power of Alice in Chains' 1992 masterpiece Dirt, and one of my favourite songs on that record has always been "Junkhead". Seldom is such a stark and revealing glimpse into addiction also so sympathetic and, dare I say, relatable. And sonically, "Junkhead" is just so sludgy and grimy in its verses that the choruses can't help but cut through with extra force. Such a classic slice of grunge -- in fact, if ever anyone tries to tout Nirvana to you as the epitome of grunge, I implore you to put this one on and then proceed to look smug and triumphant. Argument: won.

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