Saturday, 8 August 2015

Friday: Wild Throne - Harvest of Darkness

     I think you could use some energy to carry you into your weekend. I know I could. So your almost-on-time (!) Friday song is loud and abrasive and chosen with the intention of kick-starting your evening. Sound good? Good!

      If I had to encapsulate the sound that Washington State's Wild Throne have crafted in "Harvest of Darkness", the eponymous first single from their upcoming Harvest of Darkness -- which I suppose I do -- I guess I'd say it's a blend of noisy hardcore/post-hardcore akin to Converge and the weirdness and acrobatic vocal delivery of a Mars Volta.

     I don't know how this comparison stacks up for the rest of the album Harvest of Darkness, but single "Harvest of Darkness" is a little slice of off-kilter energy that should be enough to light your fuse for the next two workless days ahead. Enjoy!

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