Monday, 2 March 2015

Sunday: Slipknot - My Plague

     A couple of days ago, I threw it back for Thursday with an old school As I Lay Dying song. Today you're getting a slightly belated Slipknot Sunday sequel in the form of something from my favourite 'Knot album evar!

     Spoiler alert: it's 2001's Iowa. Slipknot's done a lot of good shit since then, but for my money this is still the best encapsulation of the madness that is Slipknot at their best. I've featured several songs from this record before here at Loud Noises, but today you're getting "My Plague" for your Slipknot Sunday (the album version, not the slightly-neutered 'New Abuse' remix). Iowa is an angry album in general, but "My Plague" in particular is a caustic slice of finely-honed Corey Taylor vitriol. Anyone who grew up on some Slipknot will feel right at home cranking this old chestnut again.

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