Sunday, 29 March 2015

Saturday: Secrets of the Sky - Three Swords

     Not quite sure what kind of heavy you're in the mood for just now? I've got you covered, Saturday style, courtesy of California's Secrets of the Sky.

     "Three Swords", the first track to be loosed from the band's upcoming Pathway, is just the kind of song to suit your indecisive palette. Slow burning and a little doomy for much of its first half, with a few sorta psychedelic sprinklings, "Three Swords" gets blacker and crustier and all around heavier towards its conclusion. It's eight minutes that flies by without ever overstaying its welcome.

     If I had to make some band comparisons to give you an impression of Secrets of the Sky, I suppose I might say something like good Machine Head meets Opeth meets Cormorant, but really I'm as unsure what to call these guys as you are regarding what you're in the mood for just now. But why not just check out the song for yourself? Atta boy.

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