Saturday, 14 March 2015

Minsk - The Way is Through

     There's a bit of the usual weekend mellow in today's track, but by the end of the nine minutes this one I promise you'll be suitably pummeled.

     Illinois' Minsk have a new album, The Crash & The Draw, coming out in April, and if today's song is anything to judge the rest of the record by, it sounds like this is going to be a big ol' slab of awesome. "The Way is Through" starts placidly enough, with lots of atmosphere, melancholy post-rock style. But before long Minsk have gone all doomy and sludgy, switching their post-rock for post-metal, and things only get more crushing.

     Nine minutes can be a long listening time, but if you're a fan of metal it shouldn't be anything you can't handle already, and if you're not, trust me, "The Way is Through" builds all the way along and has the pacing to keep your interest the whole time. Clear some space in your schedule for this one.

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