Monday, 31 August 2015

Sunday: Izah - Sistere

     I've written about Dutch post-metal band Izah before, a couple of months ago, but in the interim I've had a chance to pick up a copy of their debut LP Sistere and spend some quality time steeping in all its dense glory. I hereby recommend that you do the same.

     To that end I'm pointing you in the direction of title track "Sistere", an epic slab and one of only four tracks on the whole record. As with the rest of the album, "Sistere" is predominantly about the build, the slow burn that culminates in the cathartic release of energy and aggression. This track in particular has a lengthy middle section in which the song is sort of reassembled, building back up from nothing with some well-employed samples.

     The result is chills -- chills I tell you! So clear some space in your calendar, because this one's well worth your time.

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