Monday, 3 August 2015

Saturday: Funeral for a Friend - This Year's Most Open Heartbreak

     OK, let's do this, bing bang boom, starting with something that might not be every metalhead's cup of tea: emo. I know, I know, the term these days is usually "post-hardcore", but you know you still call something "emo" when you want to deride it as the snotty, whiny purview of little Hot Topic bitches. You are, of course, correct to malign said little bitches, but let me once again try and show you that not everything that falls under the genre umbrella is created equal, or equally bad.

     In fact, I used to dig these guys so much that I almost can't believe I've yet to feature something by them here at Loud Noises, so your Saturday song comes courtesy of British band Funeral for a Friend. More specifically, it's from Funeral's 2003 EP Seven Ways to Scream Your Name, which is one of those records from back in the day that I still listen to out of both nostalgia and genuine appreciation.

     Some of Funeral's stuff, especially the early stuff like that off of Seven, is heavier than others, but it's all got lots of singable melodies and infectious energy. That said, I've decided to go with a little something that does actually have some heavy to it, at least as far as its verses are concerned. To that end, your Saturday song is "This Year's Most Open Heartbreak". Ignore the somewhat emo-sounding title, and dig this one right this minute.

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