Thursday, 12 September 2013

Song of the Day: Polyphia - Impassion

     Regular readers will know I have a soft spot for instrumental metal. And a soft spot for techy stuff. Oh boy, am I pleased whenever something hits that Venn diagram intersection sweet spot.

     I've heard of young Dallas band Polyphia before, but the couple of tracks that I checked out didn't wow me --  don't get wrong, fucking badass and everything, just nothing hooked me and made me go 'I could really get into that'. But then I'm on Heavyblogisheavy earlier and they point me to a playthrough video of "Impassion" and bam, I was onto something tasty.

     Shreddy without being showy and heavy but with a hefty dose of melodicism, "Impassion" is right up my alley. Is it right up yours?

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