Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Song of the Day: Envy on the Coast - Head First in the River

     If I'd been writing this blog two or three years ago, I would most definitely have already featured today's song.

     I discovered Long Island post-hardcore outfit Envy on the Coast by happy accident a couple of years ago, and after a brief infatuation promptly forgot all about them until this morning. Whilst looking through some older stuff on my computer I ran across the initial cause of said infatuation, and I am both glad I did and shocked that this tune ever disappeared from my radar.

     "Head First in the River", from Envy's 2010 album Lowcountry, practically hums with funky, bouncy energy. It reminds me a little of good Incubus or Finch (not least because vocalist Ryan Hunter shares some of the melodic and rhythmic sensibilities of Brandon Boyd and Nate Barcalow) and it's catchy and sing-alongable in the best possible ways. Have a listen to this blast from my past and see you what you think.

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