Thursday, 10 December 2015

Wednesday: Piano - Expire

     It looks like Tesseract are back in the UK after their North American tour, so what better time to shift gears to another of Dan Tompkins' musical endeavours, international slice of awesome Piano. Last year's Salvage Architecture was another great record under the post-something umbrella, and silly me, I haven't featured a song from it since it came out. Oversight: corrected.

     "Expire" is a high-energy slice of melodic post-hardcore that's imbued with buckets of heart by Dan's vocals and the harmonies and back-ups of his Piano bandmates. There's even hints and flashes of technicality to the frenetic riffing-and-chording that really reminds me of the great screamo-type stuff I listened to in years gone by. I swear, I WILL convince each and every one of you that all those blank-core labels don't have to be dirty words.

(Bonus, Jonas: the link above includes intro-type prelude "Inspire" too -- if you just want "Expire", head to about 2:30 or so and enjoy!)

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