Thursday, 12 November 2015

Thursday: Buckethead - We Are One

     I know, I know, every time I do a Buckethead song for Throwback Thursday, it's always from 2005's collaborative Buckethead & Friends album Enter the Chicken. What gives, I hear you hardcore bucket heads asking? I know the bucketed one has put out an absolute ton of material both before and since Enter the Chicken (much of which I will readily confess to not having heard) but the combination of timing in my life and a great lineup of guest vocalists has cemented this record's spot at the top of my own personal bucket.

     So what song could I possibly have left to do from this one? Why, the functional first song from the record, the badass "We Are One". The combination of energetic, spastic guitar and energetic, spastic Serj Tankian has made this one a winner for me ever since I first heard it. Plus it's got a wacky taxidermy-themed video that's sure to give the faint of heart nightmares about reanimated roadkill. Fun!

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