Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Sunday: Cold Night for Alligators - Followers

     The truly international nature of metal is something that always warms the cockles of my wizened old heart. There's good shit cropping up everywhere, and one of my goals here at Loud Noises is to bring some of that good shit from whichever neck of the woods it originates in to whichever corner of the forest you happen to inhabit. I'm just a nice guy like that.

     This is why I'm pleased today to be able to point you in the direction of something from the (somewhat) less traditionally 'metal' European country of Denmark. Cold Night for Alligators (what a name, eh?) might sound a little too generically djenty for you at first blush, but give single "Followers" a chance and it'll throw some big, hooky choruses at you too. And some nice chunky grooves, with some vaguely proggy timings in there. Oh, and a bit of jazzy noodling too, leading up to a big ol' breakdowny outro.

     I'm sure there are some among you (many, perhaps) that are experiencing a bit of "djent fatigue" with me lately. But if it really bugs you, hold your nose, call "Followers" a slice of melodic tech-prog, and then dive right in! Cold Night for Alligators has another single dropping soon, and an album Daydream following behind that, just in case you like what you hear.

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