Thursday, 19 November 2015

Opeth - Beneath the Mire

     Time for a little Throwback Thursday action, and this week we're going back an even decade to one of my favourite Opeth albums for a nice, crunchy slice of metal-fried prog.

     I'm sure Opeth purists are screaming Blackwater Park at their computers already, but for my money Ghost Reveries remains one of the band's best. It came out right in that butter zone between Opeth's metal and prog phases, when they were in the process of going increasingly Rock but still had a firm enough grounding in Metal. Your song today, classic cut "Beneath the Mire", might be a little more on the prog-rockier end of things, and little lighter on the full-on metal than some of the other tracks from Ghost Reveries, but it's got its share of grooves and goodness.

     It'd probably be a pretty good idea to put this whole album on, if you're looking for something to listen to, but at the very least do yourself the favour of jamming "Beneath the Mire". It's eight minutes well spent.

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