Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Obscura - Akroasis

     If stereotypes in movies and on TV are to be believed, Germans can be relied upon to be both angry and humourless as well as masters of precision engineering. I can't really speak to the former, but the latter is on display in the latest single from German tech death masters Obscura.

     The recently-released song and video "Akroasis", taken from the upcoming album of the same name, should satisfy any fan of the genre. There's plenty of breakneck drumming, fleet-fingered sweeping, and truly slick bass work to be had here, and interestingly it all bounces back and forth between full-on metal intensity and something more subdued for the shreddier bits. I hesitate to call this accessible tech death, but I definitely think Obscura's got some cross-genre potential on their hands with Akroasis. Give this one a couple of Tech Tuesday spins.

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