Monday, 16 November 2015

Monday: Revocation - Leviathan Awaits

     Everybody and their mother's dog should really know by this point that Revocation kicks some serious ass.I've been in no doubt about this for a couple of albums now. But recently I had the chance to snag a copy of their 2009 sophomore album Existence is Futile (yeah, I'm still a physical media kinda guy, fuck off) and I've been jamming that shit hard for a few days now.

     You know what I've learned? Even in the early stages of their career, Revocation kicked serious ass. They were just as rock-solid back then as they are now. Whatever genre adjective you want to slap on them -- thrashy, deathy, techy, old school, blackened, proggy -- they all stick and Revocation does them all with aplomb. Need proof? Make today another Metal Monday, join me in the land of Existence is Futile, crank "Leviathan Awaits", and then rinse and repeat as necessary.

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