Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Monday: Contrarian - Need for Apathy

     Often when I tell you that it's Metal Monday time once again, you might have occasion to roll your eyes, look at your watch, and sigh heavily at the monolithic monster of a song I've got for you. I don't have any data on this in front of me, but I'd be willing to say that your average metal song (or the average metal song from the styles that I listen to most, ie: not grind or noise or subgenres like that) is probably longer than your average song from another genre, maybe even considerably long.

     That's why today, dear time-strapped reader, you're in for a treat: I've got something technical and brutal for you that still manages to clock in at an even three minutes. Intrigued? Then give one hundred and eighty seconds of your day to "Need for Apathy", the latest release from progressive death metal band Contrarian's upcoming album Polemic. I'm of the opinion that it crams plenty of fleet-fingered guitar work and machine-tight drumming into about as much time as it takes to heat up a Hot Pocket. What do you think?

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