Saturday, 14 November 2015

Friday: Eagles of Death Metal - Complexity

     I've never really been a huge Eagles of Death Metal fan. Back in the day, when I first heard about the involvement of queen of the stone age Josh Homme in a band with this name, I was initially excited and then subsequently disappointed to discover that there's no death metal going on here (shocker, right?).

     This morning, however, as both a fan of music of every stripe and as a citizen of the world, I feel like it's the least I can do to feature an Eagles of Death Metal song as my own personal show of 'solidarite'. I'm sure by this point anyone reading this will be aware of the horrific attacks that occurred in Paris last night, the most deadly of which took place at an Eagles of Death metal show. Scattered and incomplete reports seem to indicate that the band made it out OK, but nearly 100 of their fans did not.

     I'll leave discussions of international geopolitics and debates about the validity of Western involvement in places like Syria to the experts, real and otherwise, that will undoubtedly be talking about this for some time to come. I just write a music blog, and some speculative fiction, so I'll limit my comments online to this: it is a tremendously sad thing for me to hear that people anywhere in the world cannot gather together safely and without fear to enjoy music.

     All of that said, your Friday song is "Complexity", the lead single from the latest Eagles of Death Metal album Zipper Down. Solidarite, mes amis.

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