Sunday, 18 October 2015

Wednesday: The Parallel - Pendulum

     Finally, I can leave the shores of exotic locales like Australia and return to Canadian shores to ask the following terribly important question: is post-djent a thing yet? If it is, I would say the Canucks in The Parallel who're providing your Wednesday song might qualify as metalcore-meets-post-djent.

     The vocals, including those provided by Eric Almeida of Auras, have a very core feel to them; the riffing is both big and noodly; and the drums are likewise big and chock full of grooves and ghost notes. Your song for last Wednesday, a track called "Pendulum", isn't exactly going to blow your mind, but it is a great example of groovy, varied metalcore done really well. It even reminds me just a little of other (now-defunct) Canadian outfits like Kingdoms and Straight Reads the Line in its "melodic metalcore meets tech" sensibilities. Check it out.

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