Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Thursday: East of the Wall - Scumbrella

     Your belated posted for last Thursday is both throwback and look forward: the song itself is from a three-way split from 2009, but it's also from a band that needs to hurry up and release a new record already. Sure, East of the Wall have done another split EP or two recently, and sure, Facebook tells me that they're tracking demos for their next album. But it still feels like it's been forever since Redaction Artifacts, even if 2013 wasn't so long ago as all that.

     So maybe we'll get some new straight-up East of the Wall in 2016, but for today (or last Thursday) we're going to go back to the aforementioned 2009 three-way split that East of the Wall was on with Year of No Light and Rosetta (solid line-up, right?) for the three-part instrumental minisuite "Scumbrella". It's a funky, weird piece of work with all the angularity and density you'd expect from something East of the Wall.

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