Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Saturday: Caligula's Horse - Marigold

     Let's head back Down Under to get proggy and groovy for this belated Saturday post. And since that kind of an opening could actually be read as referring to several Australian bands, allow me to clear things up by saying that we'll be slipping into the saddle of Caligula's horse for this one.

     For a couple of album's now, Caligula's Horse have been building a pretty solid catalogue of intelligent progressive music that straddles a number of genres, and they seem set to continue this trend with their upcoming third LP Bloom, due out next week. If you need proof, look no further than the album's second track "Marigold", a seven-minute slice of vaguely Tool-y modern prog propelled by vocalist Jim Grey's powerful delivery. When -- not if -- these guys get huge, you can say you were in on the ground, er, third floor.

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