Friday, 2 October 2015

Monday: Gods of Eden - The Overseer

     OK, let's do a catch-up day here at Loud Noises, starting with a Metal Monday post. Yes, it's time Metal Monday once more, and this week I've got a doozy. Do you like your shit to be technically proficient, ferociously heavy, and just proggy enough? Then read on, my friend, read on.

     As is so often the case these days, when looking for the bleeding edge of good heavy music, we're well served to spin our globes to that bit with nothing but Australia and the Pacific Ocean on it. The Land Down Under has proven time and again over the last couple of years that it can be depended upon to produce something cool for fans of any sub-genre you could come up with.

     Like I said above, today it's proggy tech metal from Sydney's Gods of Eden in the form of the track "The Overseer" from their forthcoming From the End of Heaven. Fans of this particular corner of the metal world should definitely have a listen, and then get their plane tickets to Oz in order, because the list of talented Australian bands just keeps getting longer.

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