Monday, 19 October 2015

Friday: Haunted Shores - Norway Jose

     Despite the fact that he's now got a team of great musicians around him, Periphery still kinda feels like Misha's band at times. So if you've ever doubted guitarist Mark Holcomb's metal bona fides (not that you've ever had any reason to, guy can fucking play, but whatever) then doubt no longer, because Mark's longtime project Haunted Shores is about to unleash what could well be a beast of an EP.

     Viscera is set to come out in early November, but lead single "Norway Jose" can (and should) be jammed right this minute. Misha does show up as Mark's co-conspirator on Viscera, but this definitely isn't Periphery Lite. If you like progressive instrumental stuff with big riffing, "Norway Jose" is speaking your changuage -- I've no idea whether or not the whole EP will be sans vocals (I would assume it will be) but it sure doesn't feel like there's anything missing. What do you think?

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