Friday, 17 January 2014

Thursday: The Algorithm - trojans

     For a long time I was kinda reluctant to really give The Algorithm's Polymorphic Code a chance. I'd heard of the band before, and heard a few snippets here and there, but felt no interest in picking up a copy of the album or even giving it a full listen-through because electronic/techno-type music has never been my thing.

     But, as you may or may not know (or care), I got a few things super cheap during the Basick Records Boxing Day fire sale and one of those purchases was a copy of Polymorphic Code so I could finally give it a shot. And while it's not my favourite record ever or anything, I am enjoying it more than I though I would.

     Tracks like today's song "Trojans" are more than the sum of their electro-metal parts. The formula's not that complicated: there are some heavy elements, like the guitars and some of the drums, that are a little djenty, and there are a lot more electronic elements, blooping and stuttering frenetically away atop the electro-dance beats. Everything combines to form something tasty and groovy, something that's got a lot more going on than simple genre-mashing.

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