Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday: Monuments - Doxa

     Whether or not you think djent is something that's played out, or whether or not it was something you really dug to begin with, I don't think you can deny the fact that when it's done well it can be some tasty stuff. Rhythmic riffage with lots of low end can be a well-utilized tool or an over-employed crutch.

     In the hands of the British craftsmen in Monuments it's definitely the former, a tool for the forging of cool djenty grooves that stand out from the rest of the downtuned crowd. Album number two is apparently in the works, but for now we'll have to content ourselves with debut LP Gnosis and tracks like "Doxa". This is the kind of thing I could see being on the radio (in a good way), if this kind of music got on the radio.

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