Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Anciients - Faith and Oath

     Today's song comes from an album that's appeared on more than a few end of the year Best of 2013 lists, and with good reason. Combining rock, metal, and prog in a way that is both virtuosic and truly tasteful is no mean feat, but Anciients handles it with aplomb.

     Anciients' debut LP Heart of Oak is hard to pin down, but I'll do my best: think Mastodon or Baroness, if those bands veered in a more death metally direction, or Opeth with less acoustic and folkiness and more straight ahead classic rock/metalness. Am I making any sense at all? Those of your who've already heard Anciients probably get me (I hope). Those of you who haven't hopefully will.

     To further that understanding of my point of view, have a listen to "Faith and Oath" from the aforementioned Heart of Oak. Even if you don't agree with my comparisons at all, you'll have to agree that Anciients are pretty rad.

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