Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Aeolist - III

     I've written about British instrumental band Aeolist before, but they've recently a drum playthrough video for a sweet track from their tasty, self-titled 2013 EP, which makes them a prime candidate for another look.

     "III", not surprisingly the third of the EP's four tracks, checks off a lot of boxes on the Quality Instrumental Metal checklist. Some hella heavy parts, including some blast beats? Check. Plenty of fleet-fingered riffing, ranging from thrashy bits to bits proggier? Double check. A smattering of tasteful leadwork? Checkity check. Six minutes of instrumental music that stays interesting the whole time? Check, check, and check!

     Can you tell I'm digging "III" this evening? Why don't you click on play so you can dig it too?

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