Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tuesday the 2nd: The Fall of Troy - Problem!?

     Let's use the theme of brevity for a segue today, or a little dose of theme, as I present you with another track that squeaks in under the two minute mark. You can thank the now-no-longer-defunct The Fall of Troy for today's blast of ragged post-hardcore.

     I'm not sure which album I'd pick as my favourite from The Fall of Troy, but I'd be hard pressed to argue that 2007's Manipulator isn't one of their best. Their wild, noodly energy had found a sound songwriting footing by this record, resulting in a collection of songs that retains The Fall of Troy's signature spasticity while at the same time achieving something more focused.

     Indeed, more than once on Manipulator The Fall of Troy gets right to the point with tracks that're a "two minutes or so" kind of focused, tracks like the angular "Problem!?". It's just a little wee bit of a thing, so you should be able to give it a couple of spins this morning to see what you think.

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