Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday the 31st: Textures - Shaping a Single Grain of Sand

     It was wasn't all that long ago that I lasted posted about a song from the brand-spanking new Phenotype by Dutch band Textures (the really cool "Illuminate the Trail"). The guys, however, continue their promotional onslaught a new single complete with video, and I'd be remiss if I didn't offer you this fresh slice of groovy, djenty prog to whet your appetite for Phenotype.

     Where "Illuminate the Trail" leaned a little further in the proggy direction, with a few more moving parts, "Shaping a Single Grain of Sand" feels much more streamlined, much more focused on its particular set of grooves -- the closest you're likely to get to a radio single on Phenotype, I would bet. But don't let that appraisal confused you into thinking that this song is in any way not heavy, because it definitely brings the mosh. It just also brings some soaring chorus-type stuff along for the ride. Have a good and see what you think.

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