Monday, 25 January 2016

Wednesday the 13th: Abhorrent - The Elegance of Asymmetry

     Let's keep yesterday's technical death metal train rolling, shall we? It's not Tech Tuesday any more, but then again it isn't really Wednesday anymore either, so who cares? Jam some Abhorrent already.

     If you don't know Abhorrent, you should, and chances are you know at least one of its members -- the regular lineup alone includes members or former members of The Faceless, Absvrdist, and Spawn of Possession, to say nothing of the guests that crop up on the band's latest Intransigence. Of course, none of that pedigree counts if the beats aren't blasting. Now, I could reassure you, but wouldn't things just be better for all of us if you just checked out "The Elegance of Asymmetry" for yourself? The answer is yes. Yes it would. So crank it, and annoy the non-metal fans in your life.

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