Friday, 29 January 2016

Tuesday the 19th: Omnihility - Psychotic Annnihilation

     Time to pretend it's Tuesday again, but don't worry, I've got a Tech Tuesday post for you that should make it easy to imagine it's only the second day of the workweek. Unless of course it blows your head off first. That's always a problem.

     The latest track from Omnihility, "Psychotic Annihilation" from their forthcoming Dominion of Misery, is one of those tracks that inspires adjectives. 'Ferocious' comes to mind. 'Punishing' does too. 'Relentlessly brutal' would also work, if we're accepting adjectival phrases too. But rather than have me wrack my vocabulary for the perfect descriptor, why don't you just brace yourself, have a listen, and then come up with something on your own. Best one gets a cookie.

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