Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Saturday the 16th: Pillars in the Sky - 72 hours remain

     Regular readers will know that I'm a fan of cool instrumental stuff, and they may also have picked up on the fact that, as a solo act myself here at Loud Noises (and in my former life working on The Icarus Project...ask me about it sometime...), I'm always interested to hear a solo artist that can grab me as much as a full band. Pillars in the Sky is exactly the kind of act I like to find out about.

     The brainchild of a Brit named Bowe, Pillars in the Sky combines elements of modern prog, djent, tech, and ambient atmospherics. The kicker, however, especially where Pillars' latest What Became of the Kingdom is concerned, is the inclusion of some glitchy, chip-tuney, video game-inspired goodness. The end result can flow seamlessly from heavy to ethereal and back, but for your introduction to all things Pillars of the Sky, I've chosen something a little more towards the heavier end of things. Surprise!

     Your song for Saturday the 16th is "72 hours remain", and yes, you guessed it, that's a video game reference of a title (spoiler: they all are on What Became of the Kingdom). Gold star for whoever correctly identifies the game first. Oh, and gold stars all around for anyone who jams the song -- you may collect at the end of your nine minutes of awesome.

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