Thursday, 28 January 2016

Monday the 18th: Orpheus Omega - Practice Makes Pathetic

     In the alternate timeline that is Loud Noises, it's just now Monday the 18th of January, so let's do a Metal Monday post like it's ten days go!

     More specifically, let's do a Melodic Metal Monday post, with a little something slick n' crunchy from Australian (surprise!) melodeath band Orpheus Omega and their latest album Partum Vita Mortem. If you want a quick touchstone for tracks like today's song "Practice Makes Pathetic", the first one that springs to my mind is In Flames, but I've seen a comparison or two to Dark Tranquility that I wouldn't argue with either. But the bottom line is that a listen to these guys will reward with some meaty, decently heavy stuff that's got some catchy melodies and some good production values. If that's your jam, then make Orpheus Omega your jam too.

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