Monday, 14 December 2015

Sunday: A Swarm of the Sun - Deliver Us From Our Dreams

     Your Sunday post for this week is for those fans of post-metal's big buildups who don't always have time for a massive slice of epic slow-burn. Post-metal fans can still have shit to do, right?

     Sweden's A Swarm of the Sun feel your time-crunched pain, or at least they do with their latest single. Previously unreleased B-side "Deliver Us From Our Dreams" packs a whole heap of post-metal buildup into a mere three and a half minutes. If the Soundcloud for this one is to be believed, and this song did in fact begin life as a ten-minute instrumental number, that would answer the question of how A Swarm of the Sun managed to make "Deliver Us From Our Dreams" sound so damn big while at the same time raising the question of how they managed to condense ten minutes of bigness into the succinct three-and-a-half that we're left with. That's some fucking magic, right there. Have a listen or two and try to figure out how the guys did it.

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