Thursday, 17 December 2015

Rage Against the Machine - Year of Tha Boomerang

     Sure, it might be the season for sharing, camaraderie, and joy, but that doesn't mean things will go peachy keen for you all the time. If any aspect of your life is grinding your gears on this Throwback Thursday, might I suggest a healthy, victimless target for your ire in the form of The Machine?

     Yes, that Machine, the one we all used to rage against in our misspent youths. We're all a little older now, and maybe our anger has burned low over the years, but if ever there was a time when the world needed a band to speak out against the status quo, the tail end of 2015 is it. So as another year winds down, and you settle into your holiday routine of merry-making, put on "Year of Tha Boomerang" from 1996's classic Evil Empire, raise your fist once more, and remember that rage can be productive if it's pointed in the right direction. Use that fuel and make 2016 your best goddamn year ever. Class dismissed.

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