Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tuesday: Flub - Memoria

     It's time for an early flashback/late tech Tuesday kinda sorta combo, in the form of a re-rerecorded version of an old song from a talented young tech death band.

     I've written about California's Flub before, back when their EP Avent was all fresh and shiny. The latest word on new material from Flubland is that things are still in progress, but in lieu of fully fresh tunes we do get a re-recorded re-release of their earlier EP Purpose.

     The downside is that these songs aren't quite as well crafted as the band's newer material, which, duh, they'll obviously have grown as songwriters in the interim. The upside is that they're still badass, and they sound better than ever now. But why are we still listening to me talk about Flub's new-old stuff? Why don't you just check out "Memoria" and decide for yourself.

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